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Website of Chris Mumford. Sydney. Australia. Christian. Musician & Poet. email@chrismumford.com

May you find the wisdom: in the drama of extreme difficulty lies the paradox, all is well. Australian Chinese Proverb

Chris Mumford Poetry is Free Verse Poetry

Chris Mumford Poetry (PDF)

Chris Mumford Poetry in Canterbury Font (PDF)

I have recorded 5 full CDs of music and I'm very close to making that 6. Demo Recordings is now at 3 full CDs of music and Fire & Brimstone is at 2 full CDs of music. Each CD is 1:19:53 (1 Hour, 19 Minutes, and 53 Seconds of Music, 79 Minutes and 53 Seconds). And I am very close to putting the Monarchist (England) and Éire (Ireland) albums on 1 full CD of music: which is better, Monarchist (England) or Éire (Ireland), both are at 18 tracks but the Irish are currently winning the battle by 7 Minutes and 21 Seconds.

Demo Recordings CD 1
Track 1 a cord of three strands to Track 38 keep on sailing

Demo Recordings CD 2
Track 39 seven seconds to Track 70 morning darkness

Demo Recordings CD 3
Track 71 die stimme des herrs to Track 96 night owl

Fire & Brimstone CD 1
Track 1 The Preeminence of Christ to Track 38 Mercy

Fire & Brimstone and Fire & Brimstone Remixes CD 2
Track 39 The Firmament of Heaven to Track 19 Whirlwind (Worm Remix)