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Website of Chris Mumford. Sydney. Australia. Christian. Musician & Poet. email@chrismumford.com though these days I prefer to keep to myself.

All content on this site is Creative Art. It is inspirational and not intended to incite which is an offence under Common Law. The music, especially, and especially the Fire & Brimstone and Remixes albums, at the least is humorous and at the most expresses ideal virtues of Christianity.

Planned Track Work

* Spoken Poetry for all Poems including German translations

* Latin Vocals for New Testament Christian Music (Nouum Testamentum Latine)

* Drums to the track Mercy

* Rerecording Music for the track The Lord's Prayer on a Church Organ

* Rerecording Spoken Word for the track Word

* Editing the track The Ten Commandments

Other than that, I am happy with my website as it is now. 197 music tracks over 7 hours, hundreds of pages of Sheet Music, many photos and a few very short films. Theology is Christian Theology, that is, Theology from a Christian perspective being my own views on Christianity unless otherwise noted. The word field being battlefield in my track Driven Out is Theology from Keith Pritchard.