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Website of Chris Mumford. Sydney. Australia. Christian. Musician & Poet. Guitarist.

Holy Bible King James Version Oxford 1804 (this website is in the process of being updated)

I'm a Protestant Christian who attends Church in the Church of England, Anglican, Tradition and I also attend Catholic Church Services from time to time. I am impressed to see the Catholic Church doing Good Works in the Community and thank St Vincent De Paul for their support in Social Welfare and Music Recording, especially for recording all tracks on the Studio Recordings page and mastering a couple of those tracks at Studios 301 for a forthcoming CD to raise money for Vinnies.

I often Pray the Lord's Prayer, sometimes at the Catholic Church where I can also light a candle, and am learning the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father, in Old Icelandic (Old Norse) and Gothic. At this stage I can almost recite the whole prayer in Old Norse and a couple of sentences in Gothic. I am interested in Germanic and Asian languages; English language and literature, Icelandic and Old Norse language and literature, Gothic language and the Gothic Bible, Korean literature, Japanese language and as a result Chinese symbols, and Thai language because I am sponsoring a Child in Thailand through Compassion Australia.

I have posted links to Thenceforward, Neurosis & Tribes of Neurot and Wendy O Matik who features in some tracks of Neurosis & Tribes of Neurot (Prayer & Under the Surface / Grace 3) because I am impressed with their music.